About me

Hi, my name is Seng Kin Chu, and I am the Coding Disciple. I am self-taught in Python, and I am a data science enthusiast. I am passionate about learning and I strive to improve myself every single day.

The purpose of this website is to provide educational content on data science to myself and to other learners. For me, the best way to understand a concept is to explain it to someone else. I explain various concepts in data science by coding using real world datasets and examples.

In addition to writing about technical concepts in data science, I also wanted a way to document my personal journey. Below is my timeline so far:

  • 11/19/2017 - Started learning data science on Dataquest.
  • 01/20/2018 - Completed the data science route on Dataquest.
  • 01/26/2018 - Learned how to use pelican, Git, HTML, and CSS to create this blog.
  • 02/07/2018 - Completed my first machine learning project on Kaggle.
  • 02/15/2018 - Finished studying from my dataquest projects.
  • 02/16/2018 - Started my journey into the world of statistics. Created my first statistics blog post.
  • 03/11/2018 - Created my portfolio website
  • 04/09/2018 - Created my first interactive data visualization application.
  • 04/29/2018 - Designed my first SQL database from web scraped data.